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The snow has disappeared! Are we going to get flooded?

28 Jan

Wow! The Snow has finally gone, and how quickly did it disappear? On Friday evening, I walked to the pub with great difficulty as all the pavements around my home were like sheets of ice. Had a few beers with my friends and then decided to walk back although on reflection, if the ice was still there, it would have been a really bad idea. However, in just over three and a half hours all the ice had disappeared!

This was because the temperatures went from around freezing up to 12°C which in turn sparked a really quick for of all the snow and ice. Unfortunately, this means there is a high chance of flooding in the area, and 26 flood warnings have been put in place throughout the Midlands.

Flood warning means that immediate action has to be taken and is quite serious. But that isn’t the full extent of the problem as it was 35 additional flood alerts which means people need to be on their guard to make sure they don’t get flooded. To put this in context, throughout the UK there have been 313 total flood alerts and also 74 flood warnings.

If you live in these flood affected areas just make sure you stay safe.

Good luck everyone!