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Looking For An Emergency Plumber?

5 Jun

Hi guys!  My father had a real nightmare last week – he sprung a leak in the kitchen!  Unfortunately he has no plumbing skills what so ever so he rang me and I rushed around to his house to see if I could help him out.  The only problem is, I have no plumbing skills either!  Luckily I have a good friend who is an emergency plumber based in Birmingham (check his site here).  He came round within the hour and tried to sort out the problem for pops!

Now normally, you would expect the leak to be under the sink with reasonably good access.  Unfortunately for dad, and my mate, the leak was coming from a pipe that was buried in the kitchen floor.  This meant the flooring tiles had to be pulled up and the concrete floor in which the pipe was buried had to be chipped away!  The leak itself was really easy to remedy but all the work associated with it was a right pain.  Not only will the floor have to be patched up with a concrete mix, it will also need re-tiling.  Also, the tiles were really well stuck down so we had a bit of trouble lifting them and a couple got broken.  Dad thinks he has a couple spare in the garage but if he can’t find them, or has thrown them out then that spells trouble!  He will have to go and track down and buy so exact matches.  If he can’t find them then it looks like the whole floor will need to be tiled again.  Typical eh!

Anyway, check this video out for some cool plumbing tips;